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PAM Flexigrout 91 – Masonry Repair Grout

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High performance masonry repair grout. Use as a brick slip adhesive or for bonding crack stitching bars in walls for retrofit masonry reinforcement. read more


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FLEXI GROUT 91 is a cementitious thixotropic, shrink compensated grout with a specially developed blend of polymeric reinforcing resins.

It is primarily for structural repairs. However, these instructions should be adhered to for similar applications.

MIXING : Your FLEXI GROUT bucket contains approximately 5 kg of powder and approximately 1 litre of liquid.

Step 1 – Empty ¾ of the liquid into a bucket
Step 2 – Add all of the powder.
Step 3 – Using an electric paddle mixer, stir for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Step 4 -Add the remaining liquid to obtain the correct consistency depending on application.

Following the above instructions produces a smooth and cohesive grout which can be applied with a finger trowel.
Surplus grout on your finished surfaces can be allowed to dry and then removed with a stiff brush.

Once mixed, the grout should be used immediately as application of this product is time-sensitive due to rapid curing.

YIELD : Approximately 3 litres.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS : Shelf life is one year, see batch number for date.Store in cool dry conditions.
Do not use in temperatures below 5°C




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