Bosch GBH2-26DRE

Why this SDS drill in particular?

Bosch GBH2-26DRE SDS Drill
Bosch GBH2-26DRE – a very popular, reliable and affordable SDS Drill!

Today we have been testing our wall ties with the Bosch GBH2-26DRE SDS drill. We’ve used this drill to do all the drilling for this job in particular.

The GBH2 remains the only drill we could use or recommend for testing wall ties, as it’s been the most reliable of all the 2kg drills we’ve ever used – in fact we have been using this drill for a variety of jobs since Bosch first launched it!

This drill is still used by hundreds of our customers every day, drilling hundreds of thousands of holes, and is one of our bestsellers.

Why test wall ties?

Well, like a lot of other things in day to day life such as our cars, our healh etc, its good to have a checkup every now and again.  Wall ties are no different and you may wish to test them if you notice a bulge in your wall, cracks appearing or if you are selling your property.  It’s much better to catch any problems early and deal with them accordingly.  We can advise on this too, so please give us a call on 01942 887920 if you need advice.


You can get your hand on this fantastic drill right here (currently on special offer!) :