Ventilate your home with our outstanding PIV Loft Unit 1

Loft PIV – Improve air quality and stop condensation problems

Did you know?

Ventilate your home with our outstanding PIV Loft Unit 2Our HomeDry Positive Input Ventilation unit (or “PIV unit”) uses air displacement to ventilate a whole dwelling, which improves indoor air quality while at the same time stopping or preventing condensation problems from occurring.

It’s predominantly designed for installation in existing properties and is very easy to install.

A single fan unit mounted in the roof space supplies fresh, filtered air into the dwelling via a central hallway or landing. This creates a slight positive air pressure which forces stale, vapour-laden air out via fortuitous air gaps or through humidity window vents.

The ceiling diffuser has been aerodynamically designed to direct incoming air along the ceiling (Coanda effect) where it mixes with warm, buoyant air before re-circulating downwards, thereby ensuring a more even thermal gradient between the floor and ceiling.


Due to its ease of installation, the Homedry PIV Loft Unit is designed primarily for properties that benefit from a well-ventilated loft space.

Features and Benefits

Energy Saving :

Supply-air taken from the roof space is slightly warmer than outside air so can provide some energy saving compared with a conventional extract system.


Simple and Easy Installation :

Requires only a single electrical connection. Does not require ducting through the interior spaces.

Low Running Costs :

With its DC fan, the HomeDry PIV Loft Unit is extremely energy efficient, costing from as little as 1 pence a day to run!


Minimal Maintenance :

Replacement of the long-life filter is only required every 5 years (if extremely soiled) otherwise you can hand wash in warm water and hang-dry.


Aerodynamically designed diffuser :

The diffuser is designed to direct incoming air along the ceiling, thereby mixing with, re-using and re-circulating high level warm air.


System Installation

A full installation guide is supplied with each system. The ceiling must be as airtight as possible to minimize re-circulation of air from within the dwelling. Roof space must be ventilated from outside, e.g. by eaves vents.

Energy Performance

The HomeDry PIV Loft Unit incorporates an extremely low wattage DC motor, minimizing energy usage and should be installed to a fused spur (using a 3 amp fuse).

PIV Loft Unit Speed Settings


There are other health benefits connected with PIV technology. The following can be reduced significantly such as…

  • Respiratory problems (Asthma etc)
  • Allergies (Pets, Pollen etc)
  • Odours
  • Dust Mites
Ventilate your home with our outstanding PIV Loft Unit 3