Draper 03238 - £250 - Can you find this on the web at this price?
Draper 03238 – £250 – Can you find this on the web at this price?

From time to time the stock-replenishment elves here at PAM Towers order to many of something.  They also sometimes decide to let some of our ex-display stock go to a new home at a very special price.

We’ve decided to put one of each of these deals on the PAM Ties website today, just to keep the elves busy.

Firstly, we have a brand spanking new Draper 03238 100L compressor.

If you look on the draper site, you can see they have it on special offer promotion of £456.00 Ex. VAT.  A quick search of google shopping will give you prices ranging from £430 to £530.

We have decided to price this at £250 +VAT!

Can you find a lower price?  Want to snap it up?  Click here : https://www.pamties.co.uk/draper-03238-air-compressor


bosch-150ac-sander If that’s not enough deal for you on a Tuesday, you can also get your hands on an ex-display Bosch GEX 150 AC Orbital sander.

We have one of these at the very special price of £95 + VAT.

Get your mitts on ot by blibking here : https://www.pamties.co.uk/bosch-gex150ac-orbital-sander-ex-display

We only have one of each of these in stock (we’ve heard it all before but it’s true – one ex display and one overswtocked) so snap yours up today!