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Mould-Less Hygrometer Damp Meter

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The Mould Less® damp meter helps by monitoring and measuring the damp air in your home, the needle shows you when to act, which means you also can save energy. With Mould Less® close at hand a happy healthy home is within your grasp. Mould grows when there is high air moisture or too much air moisture hits a cold surface. This meter helps you see when things are getting better or worse so you can take action. Is an interactive indication of how much moisture there is in the air in your home. Too much warm moist air travelling to colder areas in your home is a problem. You may see mould growing, even if you don't moist air gives the perfect conditions for dust mites, bacteria and viruses to thrive. If you are sneezing every morning, suffering from Asthma or COPD, turn to a Mould Less® to see when the damp air in your home increases and decreases and take action. A Mould Less® is not only simple and clear to read, the packet and this website have some clear and easy top tips of how to reduce mould. Reducing the damp air means less chance for mould to grow. read more


The Mould-Less Hygrometer
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