Damp Spot Mold


In this day of saving energy, most properties are now becoming draught-proof. This, in itself, is causing problems.

Condensation occurs when vapour is cooled and compressed to its saturation limit. When properties have had double glazing, insulation, better fitted doors, etc., there is nowhere for this cooled vapour to go and so it will settle on solid structures, causing damp and eventually, black spot mould, wet rot and corrosion.

Mould can cause watery, itchy eyes, chronic cough, headache or migraines, difficulty with breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal problems and frequent sneezing.

Rather than making your problems less frequent by means of air or window vents, a new and proven installation of a PAM PIV Unit will eradicate air condensation problems in a very short time.

Products to help you solve Damp and Condensation problems, and remove Black Spot Mould…
Heat Recovery Unit
Heat Recovery Unit
Elegance Extractor Fan
Solve Damp and Condensation problems with the Elegance Extractor Fan. Running costs are approximately £1 per year
Home Dry PIV Unit
A single fan unit mounted in the roof space supplies fresh, filtered air into the dwelling via a central hallway or landing.
PAM Paint Additive
Simply add our Paint Additive to your paint to help resists Damp, Moulds and other problems from condensation
PAM Mould Killer & Sterilser
Blast that mould away with our highly rated Mould Killer & Steriliser! Popular product!