Congratulations to Danny! 1

Trend Routing

A hearty congratulations, pat on the back and metaphorical cream cake to our Sales Wizard Danny Fischer, on passing his Trend Routing exam.

Danny took the exam with Trend near Watford, and is now an expert in the following (be sure to test him when you come into the shop!)

  • Congratulations to Danny! 2Compatibility of jigs and accessories
  • Routers and dust extraction
  • Cutter Maintenance
  • Setting up the router and basic routing
  • Batten routing with clamp guide and varijig
  • Guide brushes
  • Dovetail jigs
  • Mortice and tenon jig
  • Pocket hole jig and accessories
  • Hinge jigs, Lock jigs, Worktop jigs
  • Routabout
  • Ellipse jigs
  • Varijig syetem
  • Trend Snappy

Well done Danny!