Wall Tie Accessories

Here you will find products and services that compliment wall ties

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  • PAM Ties Isolation Foam 750ml
    A polyurethane, expanding, high-performance bond it mega foam for use as an aerosol grade using an adaptor or by fixing a gun applicator can be used as gun grade. Straw or Gun application in one can Quick, economic and easy to apply for fitting doors, windows and insulating pipes and fill..
    Inc. VAT : £9.54 Exc. VAT : £7.95
  • Wall Tie Movement Sleeve (bag of 100)
    Wall Tie Movement Sleeve (bag of 100) This is a movement/debonding sleeve which allows for movement of wall ties. These sleeves should have a 10mm gap left at end to allow for movement once installed. Sizes available : Cavity Width Units Per 100mm 100..
    Inc. VAT : £11.40 Exc. VAT : £9.50
  • Wall Tie Tester Kit with Bridges, Adaptors and more
    Wall Tie Tester Kit MK2 The Hydrajaws Wall Tie Tester Kit is used for testing all types of remedial wall tie to meet the requirements of DD140. It is used with appropriate adaptor and mounts direct to tester The purpose of carrying out site tests on wall ties is either as part of a site survey to..
    Inc. VAT : £912.00 Exc. VAT : £760.00