Condensation Meters

We have a range of condensation meters and temperature meters available from a variety manufacturers including LaserLine! Pamties offers a medley of different condensation meters for you to choose from. Whatever suits your needs, Pamties can help!

For example we stock the 'condenspot laser' which is a non contact infrared condensation meter. It has an assortment of features built in to be a very useful and essential survey tool. The functions of the condenspot laser include surface temperature, ambient temperature, relative air humidity and dew point temperature. If this is what you are looking for then the condenspot laser may be a great purchase for you. If not, we have another condensation laser in stock. This laser is called the condenspot pro laser, this laser is a higher end version of the other one which includes extra features and functions. Depending on your usage, this may be the tool for you. It has precise laser focusing, robust housing and an integrated hygrometer.

If you are unsure of what condensation meter you'd like to purchase don't hesitate to contact us. 

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  • CondenseSpot Laser
    CondenseSpot Laser Non contact infrared condensation meter with integrated laser.  Additional relative humidity measurement (20% - 90%), assessment of dew point and ambient temperature Functions: Surface temperature Ambient temperature Relative air humidity Dew point tempera..
    Inc. VAT : £90.00 Exc. VAT : £75.00
  • CondenseSpot PRO Laser
    CondenseSpot Pro Laser Non-contact infrared condensation / temperature instrument  with very large measurement range.  For locating thermal bridges, condensation and for preventing mould. The 12-point laser circle pinpoints the measuring zone exactly. Bar graph for condensed w..
    Inc. VAT : £198.00 Exc. VAT : £165.00