Plug cutters & Screwdiggers

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  • FAIPLUGS4 Faithfull Plug Cutter Set (4)
    FAIPLUGS4 Faithfull Plug Cutter Set (4) Used in combination with screwsinks to prepare perfectly sized plugs to fill counterbored holes. For best performance power drill should be held in a stand. For a perfect grain match use an offcut from the timber being plugged. To ensure an acurate..
    Inc. VAT : £22.48 Exc. VAT : £18.73
  • FAISSINKS4 Faithfull Screwsink Set (4)
    FAISSINKS4 Faithfull Screwsink Set (4) These Faithfull Screwsinks can be used for drilling, countersinking and counter-boring in one operation. The countersinking part can be slid up and down the drill part of the tool by means of a hexagon key to suit the depth of hole being drilled. To ensur..
    Inc. VAT : £24.93 Exc. VAT : £20.77