Waterproofing additives

The use of render additives after the insertion of a damp proof course or tanking slurry is an extremely important part of the dampproofing/waterproofing process.

Firstly if water has come from the ground it is likely to be contaminated by salt (our additives reduce sulphate movement) and secondly the use of render additives require us to use less water, less water means less capillaries in our render making it less susceptible to water migration. This cement waterproofing additive allows for your flooring to remain damp free for an extended period and eliminates the risk of mould. 

Remember the precise condition will alter with each individual case; please feel free to give us a call on 01942 887920 for advice



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  • PAM Rend
    All purpose render additive. A waterproofer, salt inhibitor and plasticiser specifically developed for use after the insertion of a chemical damp proof course. Available in either 5 Litre or 25 Litre container Contains no chlorides Improves workability Dilute 25 - 1 with water ..
    Inc. VAT : £15.54 Exc. VAT : £12.95
  • PAM SBR Bonding additive
    PAM SBR is a multi purpose high strength bonding additive for cement based mortars. Improves adhesion and strength Excellent resistance to waters and salts Improved frost resistance Increased adhesion to a wide range of substrate Comes in 5 Litre or 25 Litre tubs ..
    Inc. VAT : £23.88 Exc. VAT : £19.90