PAM Crystalline Waterproofing Tanking Slurry 25kg

PAM Crystalline Waterproofing Tanking Slurry 25kg

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General Waterproofing Powder

  • Available in Grey
  • For internal and external use
  • Equally effective against negative and positive water or osmotic pressure
  • Add to water and apply to prepared walls/floors, particularly surfaces in contact with water
  • Dry shake on horizontal construction joints replacing PVC water-stop

Recommended use

Systematic creation of permanent water tightness durable for the  life of concrete structures and cementitious substrates.

Applicable Projects Worldwide

Water Retention: Water Tanks and Towers, Reservoirs, Water Treatment Works, Canals, Dams, Harbours, Swimming Pools, Concrete Pipes.

Water Exclusion: Foundations, Basements, Retaining Walls, Lift Shafts, Inspection Pits, Construction Joints, Tunnels, Bridge Decks, Sea Defences Walls, Jetties, Pontoons.

Special Features

Acts with moisture and free lime present in the substrate to react with the active chemicals in the slurry forming and developing a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals which penetrate deep into the capillary structure of concrete/ block/ brick and mortar,  blocking capillaries and interstices from the further passage of water, whilst permitting the transmission of air and water vapour, enabling the structure to breathe.

Application to surfaces in direct contact with water results in an accelerated rate of crystallisation to the structure.  Once the structure is waterproofed, the active chemicals remain dormant until any subsequent contact with water reactivates the sealing process.

Rate and Penetration

Rate and penetration of crystalline development varies with the density and surface absorption of the concrete.  Sufficient surface penetration will provide full waterproofing properties after 5 – 7 days.


Active ingredients will not delaminate, peel off or wear away.  The permanent waterproofing properties become an integral part of the structure, protecting reinforced concrete from water borne corrosive elements.


25kg Buckets

Highly Concentrated

Non-toxic or tainting blend of moisture activated chemicals, high grade silica aggregates and selected chemicals.


25kg covers approximately 8m2 (2 coats)

Dilution Instructions

25kg to be added to 5.7 litres of clean tap water.  Do not add the water to the powder.

Product Compatibility

No known hazards or incompatibility with other substances.  Do not apply externally if rain is imminent and protect from rain for 4 hours.

Service Temperature Range

Avoid extremely hot and cold weather below 5 degrees C.

Drying Time

As per normal sand & cement render.  Full bond developed in 28 days.


The use of water based non-vinyl emulsion is allowed once surface is hard and dry.

Material Description :

Composition Type

Specially prepared quartz, Portland cement and a blend of organic and inorganic chemicals.



Cementitious based powders containing mineral fillers (silicatious fillers) and small amounts of flow/shrinkage compensating additives.



Grey Powder.




Product must be protected from dampness or water.  Store as for cement.  Secure in cool well-ventilated storage in closed containers according to manufacturers recommendations.  Check packaging periodically to ensure proper sealing.

Shelf Life

12 Months in good, dry, frost free conditions

Pot Life

40 – 60 minutes depending on ambient temperature


Irritant chemical.  Always maintain a well – ventilated working environment whilst handling and during mixing and application.

Fire Properties

Non – flammable powder


Product is mildly caustic.  Will degrease skin causing dryness and possible irritation.  Careful handling recommended.  Operatives must wear safety glasses and gloves and suitable protective clothing.


Avoid spillage.  Sweep up powder and place in plastic bags for disposal to authorised site.

Minor Spillage

Rinse with water.


Dispose of waste in accordance with Local Authority procedures.

Health and Safety

Warning!  Keep out of reach of minors.  Always ensure that labelling is readable and follow the manufacturers recommendation.

Emergency Procedure – First Aid :

Skin/Eye Contact

Dust off spillage on skin and wash well with soap and water.  Wash eyes at once with cold clean water for 10 – 15 minutes.  Seek medical advice if irritation persists.


Take care when handling to minimise dust.  Ensure adequate ventilation.  Move to fresh air.


In case of accidental ingestion do not induce vomiting.  Give water to drink and seek medical attention.


About this information

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that this product can be used for the purpose for which it is intended, PAM Ties Ltd have no control over the way that the product is used, the workmanship or application of the products.  The information given here has been compiled on the basis of available knowledge in accordance with the requirements of the Chemical Hazards Information and Packaging Regulation 1997.  This does not imply that the information is complete or accurate in all cases and no guarantee can be given that is complete and accurate.  It is the user’s responsibility to take adequate measures to satisfy themselves as to the application and suitability of the information and/or recommendations given for their own use.  Depending on the nature and condition of the applicable surface, it is recommended that users ascertain suitability of product for own use by carrying out sample tests to surfaces as and when necessary.  It is recommended that, in order to comply with the terms and conditions of the twenty five year guarantee, qualified operatives should be employed.

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