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  • 250 mm Type 4 Housing Wall Ties (box of 250) - Stainless Steel NON BBA
    250 mm Type 4 Housing Wall Ties (box of 250) - Stainless Steel NON BBA This tie has a multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. The design of this tie means that it can be installed either way up. STAINLESS STEEL. NON-BBA Suitable for up to 125m cavity / 10m heigh..
    Ex Tax: £29.40
  • 300 mm Frame Cramp Wall Ties (box of 100)
    Stainless steel Frame Cramp for restraining masonry to new or existing structures and for building in non-structural elements (frames etc).See fixing section for details on fixing methods. Stainless Steel Available sizes 100mm to 300mm   ..
    Ex Tax: £57.12
  • 300 mm PAM Neoprene Remedial Wall Ties (box of 200)
    11mm A2 stainless steel Grade 304 Torque nut for guaranteed setting Neoprene expansion for ease of grip and non-aggressive in brickwork Long life -- over 25 years ..
    Ex Tax: £190.00
  • 300 mm PAM Wavy Tail Wall Ties (box of 100)
    Wavy Tail Ties - 300mm These products allow the introduction of a cavity tie into a situation where no ties are present. Stainless Steel wavy tail ties are used for remedial applications and available are in lengths of 150 - 300mm. Perfect for use in conjunction with our PAM Resin and PAM ..
    Ex Tax: £48.27
  • 4" Extractor Fan - ELEGANCE EL1003
    Ideal for basements Great for condensation and mould control Extremely low running costs - approximately £1 per year! Silent in operation Pullcord boost   ELEGANCE EL1003 : this SAP Q Eligible fan combines the latest technology..
    Ex Tax: £95.00
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  • 6mm x 170mm  PAM Helicoidal Resin Wall Ties (bag of 100)
    PAM Helicoidal Resin Wall Ties are manufactured out of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel and have been independantly tested using a common range of building materials by the University of Portsmouth material testing department in accordance with BS 1243 and DD140. They can be installed quickly and easil..
    Ex Tax: £31.00