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  • 200 mm PAM Neoprene Remedial Wall Ties (box of 200)
    STAINLESS STEEL   NEOPRENE EXPANSIONS The inner neoprene spreader has oversized ridges to create an immediate grip on the wall of the hole removing the reliance on the knurled nut to hold whilst the inner section of the tie is expanded. To reduce damage to the brickwork and to all..
    Ex Tax: £144.00
  • 200 mm PAM Resin / Resin Extra Grip Remedial Wall Ties (box of 200)
    Fantastic prices on PAM Resin and Extra Grip Remedial Wall Ties. These come in boxes of 200. LONGER LENGTHS ARE AVAILABLE.  JUST ASK.   Code Size Drill Bit Cavity Width Box Quantity PRR-..
    Ex Tax: £90.00
  • 200 mm PAM Wavy Tail Wall Ties (box of 100)
    Wavy Tail Ties - 200mm These products allow the introduction of a cavity tie into a situation where no ties are present. Stainless Steel wavy tail ties are used for remedial applications and available are in lengths of 150 - 300mm. Perfect for use in conjunction with our PAM Resin and PAM ..
    Ex Tax: £41.44
  • 200 mm Type 4 Housing Wall Ties (box of 250) - Stainless Steel
    200 mm Type 4 Housing Wall Ties (box of 250) - Stainless Steel This tie has a multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. The design of this tie means that it can be installed either way up. Suitable for up to 75m cavity / 10m height / 2 storeys STAINLESS STEEL ..
    Ex Tax: £19.60
  • 225 mm Frame Cramp Wall Ties (box of 100)
    Stainless steel Frame Cramp for restraining masonry to new or existing structures and for building in non-structural elements (frames etc).See fixing section for details on fixing methods. Stainless Steel Available sizes 100mm to 300mm   ..
    Ex Tax: £51.52
  • 225 mm PAM Brass Wall Ties (box of 200)
    DESCRIPTION AND USE Unique design concept – a pre-torqued full radical anchor expansion fix tie of the highest quality. The Easi-Fix ‘Ultimate’ Remedial Wall Tie sets new standards in replacement wall ties.  Its unique design concept creates a tie which provides maximum anchoring strength..
    Ex Tax: £190.00