PAM Resin -- 380ml Cartridge

PAM Resin -- 380ml Cartridge

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A high strength, fast curing, thixotropic grout / adhesive.

A plastic cartridge containing a base resin consisting of polyester resins, a catalyst consisting of an organic peroxide and inert filters in a paste form.

PAM Resin will, when used correctly, provide a high strength bond which is waterproof, chemically resistant, vibration proof and stress free.

PAM Resin has been specially formulated as a thixotropic grout for the permanent anchoring of bolts into concrete or brickwork.  It is equally suitable for bonding together most materials found on most construction sites.

Where to use

  • As a bonding agent
  • Where a waterproof bond is required
  • Where a chemically resistant bond is required
  • Where a vibration proof bond is required
  • When bonding near to an edge
  • Where a stress free bond is required


  • Anchoring of machinery
  • Permanent installation of reinforcement, dowelling and starter bars, foundation bolts, hand rails, safety fences, wall ties, rail tracks, tie-back anchors, etc.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Rapid strength gain
  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to thermal recycling
  • Low temperature cure
  • May be used in overhead applications
  • Pre-packed, ready for use


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