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  • PAM Fillet Seal 25kg
    A pre-packed cement based and polymer modified product for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproofing works when using cementitious slurry coatings and renders. In most circumstances FILLET SEAL need only be mixed with water for use. Where extra adhesion or flexibility are required, P..
    Inc. VAT : £42.00 Exc. VAT : £35.00
  • PAM Water Stop 5kg
    Rapid Setting Water Stop Repair Compound - 5kg PAM Water Stop, when mixed with clean water, provides a ready to use ultra rapid setting durable plugging mortar for active water leaks in concrete and masonry. The material expands as it cures to form a watertight seal with similar characteristics..
    Inc. VAT : £28.80 Exc. VAT : £24.00
  • PAM Crystalline Waterproofing Tanking Slurry 25kg
    TECHNICAL INFORMATION General Waterproofing Powder Available in Grey For internal and external use Equally effective against negative and positive water or osmotic pressure Add to water and apply to prepared walls/floors, particularly surfaces in contact with water Dry shake on hori..
    Inc. VAT : £42.00 Exc. VAT : £35.00
  • PAM SBR Bonding additive
    PAM SBR is a multi purpose high strength bonding additive for cement based mortars. Improves adhesion and strength Excellent resistance to waters and salts Improved frost resistance Increased adhesion to a wide range of substrate Comes in 5 Litre or 25 Litre tubs ..
    Inc. VAT : £23.88 Exc. VAT : £19.90