Butyl Tapes

We stock a range of butyl tapes for your projects, and have many years experience.

Wall to floor butyl tapes, double sided tapes, fleeceband overtapes and many more.

View our range of butyl tapes below:


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  • PAM Butyl Rope 8mm x 6m
    Top quality butyl rope ideal for jointing studded membranes or sealing our brick plaster plugs 8mm x 6m   ..
    Inc. VAT : £11.94 Exc. VAT : £9.95
  • PAM Double sided butyl tape
    Top quality double sided butyl tape for jointing membranes both above and below ground. 1.5m x 30mm x 20m   ..
    Inc. VAT : £25.20 Exc. VAT : £21.00
  • PAM Wall to floor tape
    Top quality 150mm wide butyl corner strip for sealing the vulnerable wall / floor junction in a type C cavity membrane system. 1.5mm x 150mm x 10m   ..
    Inc. VAT : £40.80 Exc. VAT : £34.00